Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Drake Fires Shots at Pharrell and Pusha T in New Song “Meltdown” on Travis Scott’s Album ‘Utopia’

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Drake’s collaboration with Travis Scott on the track “Meltdown” from Scott’s new album Utopia is turning heads, as the Canadian rapper appears to take aim at both Pharrell and Pusha T.

On the song produced by Boi-1da, Coleman, BNYX, Vinylz and Tay Keith, Drake delivers fiery lyrics, stating, “Man, f**k all that spinning the narrative shit/I melt down the chains that I bought from your boss.” The lines seem to reference his acquisition of jewelry that belonged to Pharrell Williams, including the iconic skateboard pendant, which he flexed in the video for “Jumbotron Shit Poppin‘” from his “Her Loss” album. 

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Continuing his strong words, The Boy adds, “Give a f**k about all of that heritage shit/Since V not around the members done hung up the Louis/They not even wearing that shit.” Here, he takes further shots at Pharrell who’s the newly appointed men’s creative director for Louis Vuitton. “V” particularly refers to the late Virgil Abloh who Pharrell replaced as the artistic director of the Paris-based company. His lyrics imply that Louis Vuitton’s popularity has waned since the passing of Virgil in 2021.

“Don’t come to the boy about wearing that shit/Don’t come to the boy ‘bout repairing some shit,” Drake raps, alluding to Pharrell’s supposed request for him to resolve his longstanding feud with Pusha T. 

“You lucky that Vogue was suing ‘cause I would’ve been with the Wassas in Paris and shit.” This verse references the promotion strategy for Drake’s collaborative album with 21 Savage, titled “Her Loss.” The album’s marketing heavily relied on faux Vogue magazines, which were produced and sold. However, they faced legal trouble when Condé Nast, a media company, filed a lawsuit against them, leading to the removal of the faux magazines from production. In this verse, Drake suggests that Pharrell should be grateful for the lawsuit because, otherwise, he would have been with the Wass Gang, a street gang from Toronto, possibly sabotaging Pharrell’s Paris fashion show, which featured Pusha T.

Drake’s diss towards Pharrell and Pusha T comes weeks after Pusha T debuted a new song targeting Jim Jones at Pharrell Williams’s Louis Vuitton spring-summer 2024 runway show in Paris. Jim Jones fired back with a From The Block freestyle.

As fans dissect the lyrics and speculate on the meaning behind the verses, the song is gaining attention on social media for potentially reigniting Drake’s off and on beef with Pusha T. 

Do you think Pusha T is going to let Drake’s latest comments slide? Listen to Meltdown below.

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