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Jim Jones Comes For Pusha T and No Malice In New Diss

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A lyrical exchange between Jim Jones and Pusha T is officially on. After Pusha T seemingly took jabs at Jones in a new Clipse record that debuted at Pharrell’s Paris runway show last week, Jones has fired back with a new track that lays cruel accusations at the Daytona rapper and his brother.

The track, which has Jimmy rapping over Pusha T’s on beat starts off with Jim expressing his disappointment at Pusha T’s diss.

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“I ain’t gon’ lie, I’m kinda disappointed,” he says. “Let me give you some inspiration cause you lacking.”

“That shit was trash we gonna let them get a do over/They got you gassed, they must think you’re the new Hova/You a 4.0, n-gga, I jumped in the new rover/Your brother still jumping on the bed, tell him ‘Move over.’”

Jim questions Push’s rap battle credentials, suggesting his biggest feud was with McDonald’s. He also slammed the Virginia rapper’s last album, “It’s Almost Dry,” by essentially calling it trash.

“The only beef you know is the Arby’s or the Big Mac, we don’t drop through we drive by the car with a Big Mac,” he spits. “That last shit you dropped, that shit was garbage, take that shit back/Plus you got your brother up, what you tryna bring The Clipse back?“

He then mentions Pusha T’s older sibling, No Malice, labeling him a crackhead. “Talking about your brother, what happened to that boy?/ It’s looking like you were selling crack to that boy.”

From there, Jones goes off on a hard-hitting rap session that directly responds to Pusha T’s comments about him.

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“Don’t talk about my jewels that was a cheap shot/These is all VVSs this ain’t the cheap rock/I don’t know if you’re a rapper, I should treat you like a street op.”

Social media users have been reacting to the beef with mixed reactions.

“Pusha T dropped his diss at the Louis Vuitton show with Beyoncé and Jay-Z in the audience. Jim Jones did his response in front of a bodega with 4 NY rats eating a chopped cheese behind him. It’s levels to this shit,” one Twitter user wrote.

Someone else on YouTube commented, “He’s doing exactly what Push wants him to do. Hope he knows what’s in store for him.”

Checkout Jim Jones’ From The Block performance below.

Jim Jones Vs Pusha T Beef Explained

Back in April, Jim Jones appeared on the RapCaviar podcast and criticized Pusha T for being ranked #29 on Billboard’s “50 Greatest Rappers of All Time” list. Jones said that Pusha T hasn’t made a significant impact in the rap game and that he’s only known for talking about cocaine.

“What he’s done to put him on the greatest rappers of all time besides talk about coke that he probably didn’t sell himself,” Jones wondered.  “Nobody has dressed like him.  Nobody wants to be like Pusha T.  I don’t remember nothing.  But when we gonna talk about rap.  When a ngga that’s popping, the btches wanna fck him and the nggas wanna be like him.  I don’t now too many n*ggas in this game that was leaning towards being like Pusha T.  Pusha don’t hold now weight out here.”

“I will put Big Sean before Pusha T,” he declared. “You go in the clubs I don’t know no record they play with Pusha T.  They don’t play his sh*t outside.”

He then doubled down on his claims during an appearance on The Breakfast Club where he challenged Charlamagne and DJ Envy to name 5 Pusha T songs.

“Can you sing along to five Pusha T records right now? His records,” Jones wondered

“I can’t rap five verses.  I can’t,” Envy conceded.

He then asked other members of The Breakfast Club staff, who also came up empty. Jones then made a point about some of the other rappers on the list.

“Could you rap five Hov verses if they came on?Could you rap five Drake verses if they came on?” Jones asked rhetorically.

Jones went on to give Pusha T a backhanded compliment.

“Shoutout to Pusha T, I love your soul. You my dawg. You not in my top 50. You might be in Charlamagne’s top 50 and things like that, but you haven’t done that much for me in my life,” he said.

Although he ignored Jim Jones’ attacks for the most part, Push eventually responded to the Dipset rapper’s comments in an unreleased Clipse track that premiered at Pharrell Williams’s Louis Vuitton spring-summer 2024 runway show in Paris on June 20, 2023. The track contains several lines that are believed to be directed at Jones, including:

“Beware of my name, that there’s delegate / You know I know where you’re delicate/ Crush you to pieces, I’ll hum a breath of it / I will close your heaven for the hell of it / You think it’d be valor amongst veterans / I’m watching your fame escape relevance / We all in a room but here’s the elephant/ You chasing a feature out of your element,” Pusha rhymes.

However, Jim Jones wasn’t impressed. He scuffed at the track with a message on Instagram:

“Let me know if they serious cause my name is my name #Capo,” he captioned the clip.  “Let me know when they really ready,” Jim also wrote on Instagram Stories.

He then posted another message on Thursday, June 22, saying that the verse was “not a top 50 verse.”

“That was not a top 50 verse. Not at all. Still not in my top 50,” he said. “That verse did not make the list champ, it was cute,” Jim also wrote in the caption.

On Saturday, June 24, a clip of Jim Jones rapping on the block where he took shots at Pusha T surfaced on the internet. The anticipation grew as fans eagerly awaited the release of the full video, which finally arrived on Saturday night.

Now you’re all caught up.

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