Eminem Headlines Fortnite’s ‘Big Bang Event,’ Teasing Upcoming Chapter 5 Features

Eminem‘s virtual concert for Fortnite’s upcoming Chapter 5 was a thrilling event that combined the rapper’s iconic performances with teasers for the game’s new features. The 10-minute experience, titled the “Big Bang Event,” transported players to a variety of themed portals, showcasing the game’s revamped graphics and exciting gameplay elements.

The concert began on Fortnite’s OG island with a nostalgic montage of the game’s history, including the rocket launch and meteor crash. Players were then sucked into a black hole, embarking on a journey through a series of captivating portals. Each portal led to a different themed environment, including an island populated by Lego characters, a thrilling car race, and finally, a stadium where Eminem emerged to perform his hit song “Lose Yourself.

The performance seamlessly integrated Guitar Hero-style gameplay, encouraging players to hit notes in sync with the music. As the energy reached its peak, a giant hand crushed the set, giving way to a colossal Eminem avatar who delivered a powerful rendition of “Godzilla.” This scene showcased Epic Games’ enhanced graphical capabilities for Chapter 5.

Before the event, Epic teased some upcoming features of Chapter 5 including a new island, a new train, revamped movement mechanics, new weapon mods and attachments, even more cross-overs, and the ability to heal and move at the same time.


The “Big Bang Event” not only served as a captivating musical experience but also provided a glimpse into the future of Fortnite. Chapter 5 is expected to transform the game from a battle royale experience to a more creator-centric platform, similar to Roblox. To further this vision, Epic has forged strategic partnerships with Lego (Lego Fortnite set to debut on December 7th), Psyonix’s Rocket League (Rocket Racing scheduled for release on December 8th), and Harmonix’s Rock Band (Fortnite Festival slated for launch on December 9th).

Eminem’s virtual concert marks Fortnite’s fourth major in-game musical experience, following captivating performances by Marshmello, Travis Scott, and Ariana Grande. 

For those who missed the live event, a thoughtful fan has recorded the entire virtual concert for you to experience.

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