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Eminem Takes Shots at Benzino and Coi Leray on New Track “Doomsday Pt. 2”

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Eminem has once again ignited the flames of his longstanding feud with Benzino through a scathing diss track titled “Doomsday Pt. 2.” Released on Cole Bennett’s Lyrical Lemonade compilation album All Is Yellow, the song takes direct aim at the former co-owner of The Source and his daughter Coi Leray. 

In one verse, Eminem showcases his lyrical prowess with a riddle aimed at Benzino: “Now I got a riddle (What?), one condition, you mustn’t laugh (Okay)/What is the opposite of Benzino? (Uh, what?)/A giraffe (Haha)/Go at his neck, how the f**k is that? (Yeah)/How can I go at somethin’ he doesn’t have? (Haha)/Arm so short he can’t even touch his hands/When they’re up above his head doin’ jumpin’ jacks (Wow).”

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The Detroit rapper doesn’t stop there, cleverly referencing Benzino’s physical attributes and financial status, alleging that he’s broke and residing in motels.

“Sorry, I don’t mean (What?) to upset you, Ben’ (Yeah)/When I talk about (What?) all the debt you in (Uh)/I hear that you been (What?) creepin’ on the low/In them cheap hotels (Yeah), that they catch you in (What?)/Jesus Christ, dawg (Damn), when you said two-ten (What?)/Never guessed you meant (Damn) at the Red Roof Inn (S**t)/In a room with one single bed, two men (What?).”

The diss track also extends its target to Benzino’s daughter, Coi Leray, with Eminem suggesting that her music is trash: “Well, I guess then I regret to inform you, hate to spoil the day (What?)/But this doesn’t bring me no joy to say (Huh?)/Guess that Coi Leray feat’s in the toilet, ayy? (Goddamn).”

Listen below.

Benzino and Coi Leray have not yet responded to the diss, but it is likely that they will not remain silent for long. The feud between Eminem and Benzino has been going on for almost two decades, starting in 2004 when Benzino, who was then the co-owner of The Source magazine, leaked an old tape of Eminem using racial slurs. 

Eminem apologized for the tape, but also fired back at Benzino with several diss tracks. The beef escalated over the years, with both parties exchanging insults and threats. 

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It seems that Eminem is not ready to bury the hatchet with Benzino, and is willing to drag his family into the drama as well.

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