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Chrisean Rock Moves Back In With Blueface 

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Chrisean Rock is holding it down for Blueface while he’s locked up in county jail for violating his probation. The reality star announced on her Instagram story that she was packing up her stuff and heading to the rapper’s home.

“Moving back with my baby daddy,” she captioned a photo of a moving truck outside her rented house.  She also shared some snaps of herself and son Chrisean Jr. inside Blueface’s home. 

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She also hopped on Instagram Live to defend her decision after fans disappeared of the move. 

“Y’all mad I forgave a n**** Okay? He forgave me too, right?” she said, later claiming that everything Blueface did after their split was “out of spite” to get back at her. She also referred to their subsequent relationships as “alternatives.” 

She further claimed that the MILF Music founder apologized to her privately, and she doesn’t need him to do so publicly for acceptance from Instagram followers.  

However, Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, insists her son doesn’t want her there and that she will have to leave when he gets out of jail.

“She bet not be mad when he come home and ask her to leave. Because she already know he don’t fuck with her in real life,” Saffold wrote on her Instagram story.

Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Porter, is currently locked up in a Los Angeles jail for probation violation. He was arrested on January 2 after allegedly assaulting Chrisean during an argument. He was booked on felony charges and is expected to remain in custody until July.

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The rapper posted a video of himself before turning himself in, wearing a red leather jacket and sunglasses. He said he had to deal with some “mandatory issues” and that he would be back soon.

He also made a phone call to his other baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis, from jail, telling her that he loves her and that he is enjoying his time in prison.

“Aye, I love it here. It’s active. It’s cracking. It’s the only place I can do things I might go to jail for it but I won’t because I’m already in jail. Waiting for the date,” Blueface said on the video. He added, “Aye, I love you girl, you know Imma be home soon.”

The video was recorded and posted by Jaidyn on her Instagram story, where she also expressed her support and love for Blueface.

However, Chrisean, who is the mother of Blueface’s son Chrisean Jr., claimed that the “Thotiana” rapper  also called her from jail and tried to win her back. She alleged he was acting like he wanted to be with her before he got locked up and that he was planning to ask her to be his girlfriend.

“What’s up with n**as? They get locked up, and they get to call you, acting like it was a different story before they went up in there. How the f**k do you even know what’s going on in the blogs to ‘oh you was getting to ask me to be your girlfriend

I’m not finna be keeping, I popped the tooth back in. and y’all know I’ll drop everything [for Blueface]. We was getting cool but then this b***h a** got me feeling like I’m doing something wrong,” Rock added.

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