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GloRilla Urges Women To Go 50/50 In Relationships

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GloRilla has dropped some truth bombs for her female fans which she admits may “ruffle a lot of feathers.”

The CMG artist, Wednesday (Nov. 30) posted a vid clip on social media in which she weighed in on the topic of couples having equal financial responsibilities. Glo is aware fans may not like her opinion on the subejct but she urged women to strive for financial independence because it’s important for women to have their own money.

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“I feel like you suppose to go 50/50 with your n-gga,” Glo said explaining that a man catering to his girl’s every need could make her lazy and desperate when her provider leaves or cheats.

“As a woman you should want to have your own sh-t going. You shouldn’t want it to be where if a n-gga leaves you today he was paying all the bills and now you’ve got this big ass weight on your shoulders. You shouldn’t want that.”

“You should be able to feel like, if you leave I’m good, if you stay I’m good. Either way I’m good,” she added.

She goes on to encourage women to develop the habit of paying their own bills so they don’t get stuck when their billpayer switches up.

“You need to be in the habit of paying for your own sh-t. Because no matter how much you got your own money, all them bills that was getting paid by the n-gga, that sh-t gon’ change. It’s gone be a whole financial change for you. You got to pay all the bills. Now you can’t do what you want to do no more.”

“I just feel like things should be 50/50,” she concluded.

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Her opinions sparked a debate in the comments section of her post, with some responding in agreement, while others insist it’s the job of the man to provide for his significant other.

“Men are naturally supposed to be the providers whatever you have going on as a woman save for rainy days in case times get hard THEN you step in,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another added, “Girl, cuz no tf… if he’s my husband we not going 50/50… 80/20 my guy and imma always contribute. A real man ain’t gonna make you come outta pocket like that anyway. They like to be providers.”

“I feel what your saying it should be 50/50 but a Real Man ain’t letting his woman do that!! I’m all for helping my Husband at any given time that he really needs it but it never comes to that,” wrote a fan.

Few days ago GloRilla received mild criticisms on social media for telling women to stop searching for love in the clubs, claiming men only go there to look for “hoes,” and that women are going to get their hearts broken.

I’m just going to have to say this. If you trust a n-gga that you met at the club, you’re an ass and a damn fool and you didn’t get any bad house training,” Glo said In a video posted to her Instagram on Monday (November 28). “Because b-tch why the hell are you sitting up here falling in love with a n-gga that you know you met somewhere he’s looking for hoes?

“B-tch, he’s looking for hoes!” she continued. “He can treat you like a b-tch, b-tch! Why the hell are you sitting on your stupid ass right here falling in love? Stay awake. Stay damn awake!”

The FNF rapper who was recently nominated for a Grammy is set to unleash her new collabo with Latto, Gangsta Boo tomorrow.

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