Ice Spice Ethnicity, Parents, Age and Life Explored

Ice Spice is a rising star in the hip-hop world. The 23-year-old rapper from the Bronx, New York, has quickly become one of the most talked-about artists in the industry, thanks to her uncanny rhyme schemes, catchy melodies, and striking looks. In this blog post, we will explore Ice Spice’s life, age, and ethnicity. We will talk about her upbringing, her parents, her real name, and her rise to fame in the hip-hop world. Keep reading to find out more about Gen-Z’s newest sensation.

Real Name Isis Naija Gaston 
NicknameIce Spice
Date Of BirthI January 2000
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Height in Meters5’3
Height in Feet160
Height In Meters1.60
Weight 128 lbs
Net Worth $2 Million

Ice Spice Wiki

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Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Ice Spice’s story is one of overcoming adversity. She was born Isis Gaston on January 1, 2000, and is of Dominican and African-American descent. Growing up on Fordham Road in the Bronx with her mother and grandmother, Ice Spice is the eldest of five siblings. She began her educational journey in the Bronx before transitioning to Sacred Heart High School. Furthering her academic pursuits, she ventured to Purchase College in New York, where she also briefly joined the college volleyball team during her freshman year.

Her formative years in the bustling metropolis of New York City profoundly shaped her music, infusing it with a rich sense of depth and authenticity that resonated in her lyrics.

Ice Spice’s journey in hip hop began when she was seven years old, drawing inspiration from artists like Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim. In 2021, while both were students at SUNY Purchase, where Ice Spice finally dropped out, producer Cook Babes exposed the Bronx native to rapping. His song “Bully,” which was published in March 2021, was her debut. She became well-known on Instagram when her song “Name of Love” acquired popularity on SoundCloud.


However, her breakout moment came in August 2022 with the release of her single “Munch (Feelin’ U)”. The upbeat drill song went viral on TikTok and YouTube and was co-signed by industry swingers, including Drake, who played the song on his Sirius XM radio station, Sound 42. The 6 god later invited Ice Spice to attend his OVO Fest in Toronto after becoming aware of her buzz. 

She was a featured singer on B-single Lovee’s “One Time” from September 2022 before committing to a recording contract with 10K Projects in the same month. On October 28, she released “Bikini Bottom,” the track’s popularity led to the release of her debut EP, Like..?, in January 2023.

Ice Spice is not just a rapper but also a social media sensation. Her TikTok account, @icespicee, where she shares her musical creations, boasts an impressive following of over 7 million devoted fans.

Who Is Ice Spice? What’s Her Real Name?

Ice Spice’s real name is Isis Naija Gaston. She revealed that her family nicknamed her “Ice” at home and she decided to add “Spice” to it “because it just rhymed with it.” Ice Spice was also the name she used when creating her first Finsta account at the time.

“I chose Ice Spice because it literally rhymes. I was 14 coming up with like a Finsta name and I was like, “What rhymes with ice? Spice,” the rapper explained in a video interview with Elle Magazine.

How Old Is Ice Spice?

Ice Spice is 23 years old as of 2023

Ice Spice Height and Weight 

According to Ice Spice herself, she is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 128 pounds. This information was confirmed by her in an interview with Capital XTRA Breakfast in September 2023.

Who are Ice Spice’s parents? 

Ice Spice’s dad is Joseph Gaston, and her mom is Charina Almanzar. Charina was a teenager when she met Gaston at a McDonald’s chain. Ice Spice’s mother and father separated two years after she was born. 

Ice Spice Ethnicity 

Ice Spice’s ethnicity has sparked discussions among her fans, with varying opinions about her background. Some have commented that she appears white, while others have suggested she might have albinism. However, the 22-year-old artist clarified her heritage, revealing that she is of Nigerian and Dominican descent.

The revelation came in response to a comment from a user on X (formerly Twitter), who remarked on her appearance, suggesting that she resembled an Igbo woman, a major ethnic group in Nigeria. “Ice Spice looks so Igbo. Like her real name is Chisom,” the tweet reads.

IMG 5158
Brandon Todd/Billboard via Getty Images

In response, Ice Spice confirmed her Nigerian heritage but mentioned that she wasn’t certain about her specific tribal affiliation. “I’m Nigerian, but IDK which tribe. Maybe [you’re] right!” The exchange provided insight into her background and helped address some of the discussions surrounding her ethnicity.

During a No Jumper interview, Ice Spice revealed that her parents helped her avoid teen pregnancy by keeping her indoors.

Ice Spice’s Mother

Ice Spice’s mother is a Dominican woman who was 17 years old when she gave birth to Ice Spice. Her parents divorced when she was just two years old. While Ice Spice hasn’t divulged many details about her mother in public, she has expressed that her mother is a resilient and self-reliant woman who has consistently been a pillar of support in her life.

In May 2023, a photo of Ice Spice and her mother went viral on social media. The photo shows the two women looking very similar, and many fans were quick to comment on how beautiful they both are.

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Left, Ice Spice. Right, Ice Spice’s mother

Ice Spice’s Father

Ice Spice’s father is an African-American former underground rapper. He is not publicly identified, but Ice Spice has said that he is a talented musician who inspired her to pursue a career in music and that he taught her the importance of hard work and perseverance.

“My father is an underground rapper. He definitely inspired me to want to record. I remember being in the studio with him. I was a toddler, probably. And I remember little flashes. Of course, not every detail, but small things like that being shown to you at such a young age make an impression on you,” She said in an interview with Paper Magazine.

“Subconsciously, I ended up becoming an artist because I saw my father be one first,” Spice continued. “He’s a music lover himself. He’s a true Hip Hop head, beyond me, honestly. He knows everything. He’s always educating me on Hip Hop and sh*t like that.”

She has also admitted that her dad is not a fan of her raunchy signature pose. “I’m his baby girl,” she said during a February interview with Ebron Darden on Apple Music. However, her supportive mother understands. “Mom’s a baddie, so she knows what it is,” Ice Spice added.

Ice Spice Siblings

Ice Spice has four siblings. She is the eldest child in her family. Her younger brother, Joey Gaston, is a high school football quarterback at Iona Prep in New York.

IMG 5296
Ice Spice and her brother Joey Gaston. Photo: @joeygastonqb1 on Instagram

Here are some additional facts about Ice Spice:

  • Ice Spice’s real name is Isis Naija Gaston. She was born on January 1, 2000, in the Bronx, New York City. She is of Dominican and African-American descent.
  • She is the oldest of five siblings
  • She attended Purchase College in New York, majoring in Biology.

  • She played on the Volleyball team as a freshman in College.

  • Her icespicee TikTok account has over 7 million followers.

Her mother is a baddie

  • She is currently working on her debut album.
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