Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Ice Spice Like…? Deluxe Edition First Week Sales

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Photo Credit: Simone Joyner

Ice Spice delivered the deluxe edition of her debut EP Like… ? last week, with four additional tracks, “How High?,” ““Butterfly Ku,” “Deli” and “On The Radar.” Both versions of “Princess Diana” — the original and the remix with Nicki Minaj are also included.

The Bronx rapper’s popularity has been on the rise, and she has garnered a loyal fan base known as the “Spice Cabinet.” Their unwavering support through streams and listens has been paying off, as the deluxe version of “Like… ?” EP impressively sold 20,000 copies and made its debut at No. 29 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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This significant achievement marks a substantial improvement from the EP’s original release, which debuted at No. 37 with 15,000 equivalent album units sold. Additionally, the 23-year-old’s collaboration with Lil Tjay, “Gangsta Boo,” which samples Diddy’s “I Need a Girl (Part Two),” became her first-ever entry on the Hot 100 chart.

Ice Spice co-produced the EP along with her regular collaborator RiotUSA. You can stream the deluxe edition of Like…? via Spotify below.

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Originally surprising fans with the release of “Like… ?” EP in January, Ice Spice has been making waves in the music industry. In a recent interview with Apple Music 1, Spice spoke about the invaluable mentorship she receives from industry giants like Nicki Minaj and Drake.

“I feel like I am absorbing advice from [Nicki] and learning from her and stuff. And she’ll tell me, Learn from my mistake, do this or don’t do that, or whatever. And I just really pay attention to what she’s saying. Because if there’s anyone I’m going to listen to, it’s the queen,” she said.

The Bronx rapper also noted that she’s on good terms with Drake, from whom she frequently seeks advice.

“…We [Drake] talk all the time, and we’re always just laughing about some things that go on. And I’ll ask him, ‘What should I do with this? Or how’d you go about this? Or did you ever experience that?’ And he’ll… I’m not going to give real examples, but- … he’ll tell me, ‘I did this, and you should do that too because you can.’ And I’ll be like, You’re right. Period. I’m going to do that,” she said. 

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