Jeezy Accuses Jeannie Mai of “Gatekeeping” Their Daughter, Requests Court Intervention

Mounting tensions between Jeezy and Jeannie Mai have driven them back to court, with the rapper accusing his estranged wife of obstructing his access to their daughter.

In a recent court filing, Jeezy alleges that Jeannie Mai has been acting as a “gatekeeper” when it comes to exercising his parenting time with their daughter, Monaco. He is seeking judicial intervention to establish a clear and structured custody arrangement.

Jeezy filed for divorce from Mai in September 2023, seeking joint physical and legal custody of their 1-year-old daughter. In his new motion, he cites an informal visitation agreement reached with Mai that has proven ineffective.

Jeezy’s lawyer argues that the lack of a consistent and structured parenting plan has caused unnecessary stress and confusion for Monaco.


“The lack of consistency, continuity, and stability inherently associated with such a haphazard and fluid parenting time schedule is stressful to the Child, and it has, as is unfortunately inevitable with all families in transition, created unnecessary tension and confusion regarding not only parenting time but also in regard to each parent’s role and rights when the Child is in their respective custody,” Jeezy’s lawyer wrote.

While acknowledging Mai’s lack of malicious intent, he accuses her of hindering Jeezy’s parenting rights and interfering with his relationship with their daughter.

“[Mai’s] interference with [Jeezy’s] relationship with the Child, again, while not generated from or with malicious intent, is nevertheless, causing confusion and tension between the parties and is working to stifle the development of [Jeezy’s] relationship with the Child,” his motion read.

Jeezy maintains that a formal custody arrangement is essential to provide Monaco with stability and clarity during this transitional period. He urges the court to establish a parenting schedule that prioritizes the child’s best interests.

The court is yet to rule on Jeezy’s motion, and Mai has not publicly responded to his allegations.

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