NBA YoungBoy Disses Charlamagne Tha God After Being Named “Donkey Of The Day” 

NBA YoungBoy has unleashed a new diss track aimed at Charlamagne Tha God titled “Act A Donkey.” The defamatory record and video comes on the heels of being declared “Donkey of the Day” by the famed “The Breakfast Club” host for saying he’s “not really big on fatherhood.”

The track opens up with YB inviting CTG to Grave Digger Mountain, where he is currently on house arrest for gun violations. “All he gotta do is pull up on me, n**ga, and talk to me face to face.”

In the accompanying video, which can be viewed below, the Louisiana rhymer also threatens to hit Charlamagne with a gun while holding two firearms in his hands. 

“I don’t give no f**k ’bout what they say, this that Amazing Grace/ I got a plan for b**ches tryna take YoungBoy for play/ You must ain’t heard, nobody safe, I had them gunners front yo’ place.”


NBA YoungBoy’s video comes two days after Charlamagne Tha God named him “Donkey of the Day” for saying he wasn’t “big on [fatherhood]” during an interview with Bootleg Kev.

“He has 11 kids but he’s not really big on fatherhood,” Charlamagne said. “I didn’t know I had to say this, but my brothers, that is wack. What bothers me about statements like this is that NBA YoungBoy talks that gangsta talk in his records. Not only does he talk that gangsta talk, he talks that big-money talk. In the words of Jay-Z, ‘A man that don’t take care of his family can’t be rich.”

He concluded, “You have 11 responsibilities and you cannot abandon your obligation as a parent because you have other plans. The music can’t come before the children. The money can’t come before the children. It just can’t. No matter how big you think you’re doing it, you’re not doing it big at all if you’re not big on fatherhood.”

Meanwhile, Charlamagne has since responded to YoungBoy’s diss. He reposted the inflammatory track on his Instagram page with the caption, “He Got Real Live Donkeys In The Video — Easy Win for YB for owning livestock. The cost of livestock, like cows, horses and pigs, can be deducted from your taxes. Food to feed livestock on the farm is considered tax-deductible too. VERY SMART.”
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