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Offset Reacts to Threats from Nicki Minaj’s Husband

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Offset has responded to threats directed at him by Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, and his associates. In a video shared on social media, Offset, who is set to release a new album next month, found out that he was being sought while on a private jet headed to Boulder to meet with Coach Sanders. He commented on the situation upon landing.

He said, “I am getting off the jet. What these n**gas talking about?” Soon after, he laughed and exclaimed, “These n**gas broke. We hopping off jets, b**ch. These n**gas standing outside.”

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Friday night, Petty, 45,  and his crew shared a cringey video of them in New York seemingly looking for Offset, whose wife Cardi B has a long-running beef with Nicki Minaj. All three men were standing on a sidewalk calling out Offset who at the time was in Atlanta with streamer Kai Cenat. 

One of the men can be heard saying, “Offset, where you at? That’s it. Gotta spin that sh*t…go Kanye, man…we outside, big Zoo outside.” Petty chimes in, saying, “What’s up, man,” and another man adds, “Drop the location.” Another man states, “Offset DM’d us acting like, ‘Yo, where you at? We run this city. Don’t let them fool you, we run this city.’”

Petty made direct threats against Offset, stating, “You plan that vacation, but we’re planning your funeral, punk. Always a street guy. That whole gang can suck it.”

Kenneth Petty’s threats against Offset come on the heels of reports that there was tension backstage at the VMAs between his wife Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. Both women were in attendance at the show hosted by Minaj, who debuted a new Pink Friday 2 single that seemed to diss Cardi. 

In the new song, Minaj  raps, “These b**ches ain’t badder than me; you b**ches don’t count, you b**ches can’t count; I’m not the one, two or the three.” She continued, “You b**ches look up to me; you said you look up to her, but really, you look up to me.”

Cardi B later shared a cryptic post on X, formerly twitter, stating, “I didn’t even flinch” which left fans speculating. 

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One of Kenneth Petty’s goons who goes by the name Sturdy reposted Cardi’s tweet to his Instagram story with a threatening message. “[Cardi B] we ain’t ya average Queens nighaz Big Dawg sh*t… talkin biut you ain’t flinch you already exposed your hand sound like mf is nervous. 

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