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Cardi B Says She’s Worth Nearly $100 Million 

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YouTube screenshot/ Complex 360

In a candid conversation on Complex 360 with Speedy, Cardi B opened up about her net worth, challenging the figures reported by online sources. While Google estimates peg her worth at $80 million, the Bronx rapper asserts that her actual net worth surpasses $88 million. However, she emphasizes that her substantial earnings are accompanied by equally significant expenses.

As a globally recognized artist, Cardi B’s income streams extend beyond her music career. She commands high fees for exclusive performances and has lucrative endorsement deals, not to mention the success of her own product line, Whip Shots, which has sold over 5,000 cans since its launch.

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Despite her wealth, Cardi B is deeply committed to supporting her loved ones, stating, “I make a lot of money… But I also got a lot of bills… I help a lot of my friends, and I help a lot of my family.” For her, the ability to assist her family and friends is paramount, even as she indulges in luxury items like Birkin bags.

The “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker also touched on the challenges of generosity, expressing frustration when those she supports take her financial assistance for granted. She recalls her own frugal days, contrasting them with the spending habits of some she helps, “I remember when I was broke. I was never outside. I saw you buy some designers like; even when I was, and I struggled, I wasn’t buying none of that shit.”

Watch Cardi B’s full conversation with Speedy below.

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