Rick Ross Offers 50 Cent $2 Million for G-Unit Catalogs and “Beg For Mercy” Album: ‘Let’s Do Business’ 

In a surprising move, Rick Ross has offered 50 Cent a significant sum of money to acquire the music catalogs of Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo, along with G-Unit’s iconic debut album “Beg For Mercy.” 

Young Buck has filed for bankruptcy and is seeking to sell the rights to his entire catalog for $730,000, pending approval from his trustees. This financial hardship stems partly from a dispute with 50 Cent.

Seeing this opportunity, Rick Ross has stepped in to make 50 Cent an offer for the rights of the remaining G-Unit members’ catalogs.

“I read yesterday that Young Buck’s catalog is worth 725K for the entire catalog,” Ross said. “I can only assume Lloyd Banks’s catalog is worth about the same. So, let’s keep it simple, throw in Tony Yayo. I gave you $1.5 million.”


Not stopping there, Ross seemingly disrespected G-Unit’s “Beg For Mercy” album, which he believes is worth around $500,000. “I don’t need the entire G-Unit catalog, but Beg For Mercy,” he continued. “Let’s keep it simple, I’ll give you another 500k for that. The masters for that, so $2 million dollars. I’m making a business offer to the diabolical genius.”

“Beg For Mercy,” released in November 2003, was G-Unit’s debut album and followed the success of 50 Cent’s solo album “Get Rich or Die Tryin’.” Featuring hits like “Stunt 101,” “Smile,” and “Poppin Them Thangs,” the album was a commercial success and showcased the talents of Tony Yayo, Young Buck, and Lloyd Banks.

While 50 Cent hasn’t responded to Ross’s offer or clowning of his album, he did recently target the Maybach Music boss during his social media feud with Diddy. 50 Cent linked Ross to Diddy’s questionable treatment of women in the wake of several lawsuits filed against the Bad Boy Records founder.

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