Rihanna Eager for More Children, Crosses Fingers for a Baby Girl

Rihanna sparked conversation this week when she revealed she and partner A$AP Rocky are looking to have more kids. Talking to E! News on the red carpet of her latest Puma launch on Monday (December 18), the mother of two boys expressed her desire for a daughter when asked to name one thing she struggles with.

“So far, have daughters,’ the 35-year-old Bajan pop star jokingly responded. “I’m batting at 75 percent for a boy next time. So, we’ll just keep our fingers crossed.”

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcomed their first child, RZA Athelaston Mayers 19 months ago and their second child Riot Rose Mayers just four months ago.

Back in February, Rihanna admitted she’d like to have even more kids in the future to grow their family of four.


“Listen, I’m down for whatever,” she told British Vogue. “My wish would be I would like to have more kids but whatever God wants for me, I’m here.”

“We’re best friends with a baby. We have to be on the same page, but we’ve always kind of had that in our relationship. Everything changes when you have a baby, but I wouldn’t say it’s done anything but made us closer.

“The second Rocky makes eye contact with [RZA] he is on fire. The whole thing they say about sons and moms, it’s a myth. Sons and fathers is crazy. I realized that the validation that you really need as a boy is from your father.”

In a separate interview with Access Hollywood on the red carpet of her Puma launch, the nine-time Grammy winner gushed about A$AP Rocky as a dad: “I love him differently as a dad, it’s a turn on… What a leader, what a great patient, loving and my kids are obsessed with him. I’m just an extra.”

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