World Jewish Congress Calls For Kanye West’s Music To Be Removed From Streaming Services 

Kanye West remains under fire for pushing hateful and fallacious rhetoric about the Jewish community. The Controversial music and fashion mogul has already lost billions due to his obsession with Hitler and could possibly lose his voice on streaming services. 

The New York Post reports the President of the World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder is pushing for the rapper’s music to be taken off Apple Music and Spotify. In a letter obtained by the NYP, which was also sent to Apple CEO Tim Cook and Spotify CEO Daniel Ek on Wednesday (Dec. 7). Lauder says the artist now known as Ye is “espousing Nazism” and must be deplatformed.

“Kanye West’s antisemitic tirades go beyond trafficking in conspiracy theories. He is espousing Nazism in its purest, most hateful form, and is perhaps the singular embodiment of the alarming rise of Jew hatred in America,” the letter reads. “As long as his hateful voice is carried on Apple and Spotify’s music streaming platforms, they are in league with those who wish harm to Jews the world over.”

The billionaire philanthropist also said, per the New York Post— that by continuing to host Ye’s music on their platforms, Apple and Spotify are “profiting off of Jewish hate.”


As previously reported on Rap Aesthetics, Kanye West was suspended from Twitter in October after threatening to go “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE” in a since-deleted tweet. The Yeezy founder doubled down on his statement weeks later and has been on a perceived-Jew hating spree ever since. His incessant hateful behaviors led to him losing his billionaire status after being dropped by Adidas. Pedophilic fashion house Balenciaga, STEM Player and GAP also severed ties with the rapper who recently announced he’s running for president of the United States.

Despite the backlash that continues to follow his tirade against Jews, Kanye West seems hellbent on proving an unknown point. In a recent interview with Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, Ye professed his love for Adolf Hitler, while demanding for Jewish people to forgive the German mass murderer.

So, you love Jews, but you’re canceled for antisemitism because you also love Hitler, but you love everyone equally,” McInnes said.

“Yeah, Jewish people can’t tell me who I can love and who I can’t love,” Ye replied. “You can’t force your pain on everyone else. Jewish people, forgive Hitler today. Let it go, let it go, and stop trying to force it on other people. Goodnight.”

Late Wednesday night the 45-Year-old released a new song via The Alex Jones Show, in which he references his latest anti-Semitic remarks. The song was shared on his Instagram page, but was quickly taken down by the platform. West has also been temporarily banned from the picture sharing app according to Nick Fuentes. 

Fans interested in the song titled “Someday We’ll All Be Free” can listen to it below.
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