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The Game Says He’s A Better Lyricist Than 50 Cent: ‘He Can’t F-ck With Me On That Level’

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The Game has clarified rumors about ghostwriting a hit for 50 Cent. Addressing the claims previously made by Wack 100, Game stated in an interview with Amazon Music’s Bimma Williams that he did not write the hook for “What Up Gangsta” but was involved in the creative process, citing influences from The LOX’s collaborative songwriting style. 

“I didn’t write ‘What Up Gangta’ for 50 — I was in there and part of the influence,” he said. “The way The LOX record music. Jada is, y’know, writing his verse, and Styles and Sheek is right there and they’re like, ‘Nah, say that,’ and you throw it in there.”

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The Game acknowledged 50 Cent’s skills as a writer, particularly his strength in crafting hooks and melodic elements. He emphasized that while they had differences, both artists were genuine and skilled in their respective styles. 

The Game also asserted that he and 50 Cent did not write for each other. However, he did assert that when it comes to lyricism, he believes he is superior to 50 Cent. 

“50 a great writer.  That’s what he do. …  I don’t do no writing for 50, 50 ain’t do no writing for me.  He know. And 50 is not a better writer than me.  Not a better lyricist, you know what I’m sayin’? Better with melodies, hooks — that’s his thing. I’ll give him that. I’m not gonna take nothing away from nobody that’s good at what they good at, but as far as, like, lyricism, he can’t f-ck with me on that level. But he know.”

The ongoing back-and-forth between the two rappers regarding their contributions to each other’s careers has been a recurring theme. As noted above, during a clubhouse session last year, Game’s talkative manager Wack 100 claimed the Compton rapper had written “What Up Gangsta” For 50 Cent. 

“I’m going to speak on something [The Game] don’t ever speak on. What up, cuz? What up, blood? What up, gangsta?’ Who you think wrote that? I’m going to leave it alone,” Wack said in defense of The Game after Fif previously claimed he wrote a good portion of The Game’s classic debut album The Documentary. 

50 Cent, in response, denied the claims and questioned The Game’s credibility, suggesting desperation as the motive behind his statements. 

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“[The Game] said he wrote ‘What Up Gangsta.’ I’m like, ‘C’mon, bro. You wasn’t even around when we did that,” 50 Cent said during a 2022 interview with The Breakfast Club. “That was Get Rich or Die Tryin’. We didn’t even know who he was until after. There’s a point when you [reach] desperation and you’ll say anything.”

Although Game noted he didn’t ghostwrite the track, he claimed he was the brains behind the song’s West Coast theme: “Obviously, y’know, ‘What up, Blood? What up, Cuz? What up, Gangstaaa?’ is Los Angeles influenced,” Game said. 

You can check out the full interview below.

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