Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Uncle Murda Recaps 2023’s Hip-Hop Drama In First Part Of His “Rap Up” Trilogy

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Uncle Murda kicked off the new year with the first part of his “Rap Up 2023” trilogy, a six-minute track that summarizes the year’s most scandalous and sensational events in hip-hop. 

The Brooklyn rapper spits his unfiltered opinions on everything, such as Jamie Foxx’s mysterious “medical complication”, which he implies was caused by “bad coke,” Remy Ma’s rumored affair with her personal trainer, and Keke Palmer’s accusations of abuse against her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson. 

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He also addresses the ongoing drama surrounding the YSL RICO trial, where Young Thug and several of his associates are facing federal charges for racketeering and drug trafficking. Uncle Murda calls on Young Thug to clear up the rumors that Gunna is a “snitch”, and admits that he liked Gunna’s album A Gift & A Curse, despite his previous diss.

Weighing in on André 3000’s flute album New Blue Sun, Murda expressed his disappointment, describing it as a waste of time.

“André 3000 finally put some s*** out/ Honestly, he was better off not putting s*** out/ I was tryna catch a vibe but I just couldn’t catch the s***/ All he did was play flute, I wish he woulda said some s***.”

He also comments on Sexyy Red’s shocking revelation that she contracted chlamydia twice, and urges her to get tested for other STDs.

“Sexyy Red made a sex tape and I saw it, I think she got pregnant while she was getting recorded / And I heard she said she got chlamydia twice, that bitch ratchet, let me try to give that girl some advice / It’s okay to shake your ass and put your hands on your knees / But put a condom on to avoid catching STDs / Your pussy pink and booty hole brown, are you serious?/ Little girl’s shouldn’t be listening to that sh*t, period.”

Boosie Badazz and T.I.’s tumultuous relationship, Lizzo’s sexual harassment lawsuit, and Blueface’s claims that he slept with Soulja Boy’s ex are also discussed in the song. However, one delicate subject left untouched is the string of sexual assault lawsuits filed against Diddy. Uncle Murda hints that he “might” address these in an upcoming “part two” of the song.

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You can listen to the first part of Uncle Murda’s “Rap Up 2023” below. 

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