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50 Cent Mocks Jay-Z as Diddy Faces Sex Trafficking Heat

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50 Cent has been stirring the pot on social media following the raid of Diddy’s homes by federal agents. The G-Unit founder took to Instagram to share his take on the situation with a touch of humor.

On Monday evening, March 25, shortly after the news surfaced that Homeland Security had raided Diddy’s residences in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami as part of a federal sex trafficking investigation, 50 Cent seized the opportunity to poke fun at Jay-Z, another figure he’s often sparred with. He posted an image of a milk carton with Jay-Z’s face on the back, labeled “missing,” suggesting that the Roc Nation founder was in hiding.

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In the caption, 50 Cent quipped, “Has anyone seen Jay lol… Puff says he ain’t answering his phone.”

Later, 50 Cent posted a photo of Jay-Z waving, captioning it, “Here’s Jay-Z, last seen waving at Puffy’s jet.”

Fans were divided in their reactions. Some saw it as a not-so-subtle hint at a deeper connection between Jay-Z and Diddy’s troubles, while others criticized 50 Cent for trying to drag Jay-Z into the situation.

Okay 50 definitely knows something,” wrote one fan. “Another fan chimed in, ‘In all honesty 50 has been telling us about all these guys for years now.'”

However, others defended Jay-Z. “Man this is crazy,” commented a user, “this man isn’t even mentioned and you trying to destroy him… I hope your closet clean because this kind of energy is always recirculated. You wild for this.”

This trolling comes amidst recent allegations by journalist Liz Crokin, who linked Jay-Z to the death of fitness model Cathy White. Crokin claims Jay-Z had White killed to silence her about an alleged affair.

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Drawing parallels to Diddy’s situation, Crokin expressed hope that Jay-Z would also face investigation.

“It’s only a matter of time before spirit cooking Jay Z is exposed like Diddy,” Crokin said. “He’s evil to the core. I pray there will be justice for Cathy White one day.”

50 Cent also reveled in Diddy’s legal woes. He shared articles about the raid and jokingly captioned one, “S*** just got real,’ the In Da Club singer wrote in his caption as he said the people handcuffed by officers were Diddy’s children. ‘The Fed’s in all the cribs, d*** they got the kids in cuffs.'”

In another post, he acknowledged the seriousness of the situation: “Now it’s not Diddy do it, it’s Diddy done. They don’t come like that unless they got a case.”

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