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50 Cent Trolls Ja Rule After He Gets Denied Entry to the UK

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50 Cent continues to apply pressure on Ja Rule. The G-Unit mogul recently used his always headline-ridden Instagram platform to publicly mock Ja Rule after the latter was denied entry to the UK for his upcoming tour.

Ja Rule was supposed to perform in several cities across the UK as part of the Sunrise tour. However, he announced on X that he was refused entry days before his shows, due to his criminal record.

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“I’m so devastated I can’t believe the UK won’t let me in. I’ve spent a half million dollars in production of my own money to put this tour together only to be denied entry DAYS before my shows this is not fair to me or my fans these venues are 85% sold and now I can’t come…” he wrote on Twitter.

He also shared the UK’s immigration policy, which restricts entry to people with criminal convictions that are punishable by 23 months or more under British law, or who have served more than 12 months in prison.

Ja Rule has a history of legal troubles, including charges for gun possession, tax evasion, and assault. He served two years in prison from 2011 to 2013 for the first two offenses.

50 Cent, who has been beefing with Ja Rule since the late 90s, wasted no time to poke fun at his rival’s situation. He posted on Instagram a screenshot of Ja Rule’s tweet, along with a caption that read: “HaHaHahahaha I did not have nothing to do with this b! tch not getting in. LOL”. He later added another post, claiming that he had “juice all over the place” and implying that he was behind Ja Rule’s denial.

Ja Rule responded to 50 Cent’s taunts, calling him a “p####” and telling him to “shut up”. He also posted a laughing emoji, suggesting that he was not bothered by 50 Cent’s antics.

This is not the first time that 50 Cent has trolled Ja Rule over his career and personal issues. He has previously bought out the front rows of Ja Rule’s concerts, mocked his involvement in the Fyre Festival fiasco, and made fun of his bankruptcy. Ja Rule has also fired back at 50 Cent on several occasions, calling him a snitch, a clown, and a fraud.

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The two rappers have been at odds since the late 90s, when they had a dispute over a robbery that involved one of 50 Cent’s associates. They have since exchanged numerous diss tracks, insults, and physical altercations. Despite several attempts to end their feud, they have never reconciled and continue to antagonize each other on social media and in interviews.

It is unclear if Ja Rule will be able to reschedule his UK tour, or if he will pursue legal action against the immigration authorities.

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