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Benzino Declares Victory in Eminem Feud: “I Cooked Him”

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Benzino is claiming victory in his latest rap feud with Eminem. The Boston native took to Instagram Live to gloat about his two new diss tracks and stir up Eminem’s fan base. 

“I ate his a*s up. I cooked him,” Benzino says in the video clip below. “Back in the day, he cooked me. It’s all good. But what you Stans is not gonna do, what you Saltines ain’t gonna do, is try to come in here and be like I didn’t affect him. Stop it. Because that shows that y’all ain’t real hip-hop fans. That shows that y’all are biased and probably halfway racists.”

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“If it’s dope, s**t, give it up,” Benzino continues. “Just like my people give it up to him. Stop being racist White people. If it’s dope and I ripped him, say it.”

Benzino and Eminem’s two-decade-long beef reignited last week after Eminem dissed the former co-owner of The Source magazine on “Doomsday Pt. 2,” off Lyrical Lemonade’s compilation album All Is Yellow. In the song, Eminem mocks Zino’s appearance, financial situation, and even mentions his daughter Coi Leray.

Benzino fired back on back-to-back diss songs “Vulturius” and “Rap Elvis,” which he released within 48 hours of each other. On the latter track, Benzino draws parallels between Eminem and popular culture thief Elvis Presley. He also questions Eminem’s loyalty to his hometown of Detroit, citing an interview by local rapper Icewear Vezzo, who said that Eminem does not show enough love to the city. 

“Icewear Vezzo said that Em don’t be showing the city love/ Why you ain’t got no words for him, huh? He in your city, bruh!” Benzino rapped.

Icewear Vezzo addresses Benzino mentioning his name on the new diss track “Rap Elvis”

However, Vezzo quickly responded to the reference, saying in a video posted on Instagram: “Say, Benzino, it’s all gangsta, ya heard? I did fed time with your big brother. But check it out, I don’t think it made sense that you brought me up in a diss song for a few reasons.”

“Number one, I don’t second nothing you said. And number two, I’m never going against a n-gga from my city for a n-gga from another city. I don’t go against the grain, we don’t move like that. I think you got the wrong impression of Detroit, Michigan and of who I am.”

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He also defended his aforementioned remarks about Eminem and praised the rap legend as a “top five lyricist dead or alive.” 

“Holmes ain’t gotta make no diss songs to say nothing back to me ’cause I ain’t disrespect or discredit who he is,” he added. “What he did might never get done again. Holmes top five lyricists dead or alive. That shit not even arguable or debatable. And he put n-ggas on from his area.”

Royce Da 5’9″ co-signs Vezzo’s sentiments, posting the video on his Instagram page with a saluting face emoji.

As of now, Eminem has yet to respond to either of Benzino’s diss tracks. Listen to both “Doomsday Pt. 2” and “Rap Elvis” below.

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