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Blueface Says Chrisean Rock’s Son Looks ‘Nothing Like’ Him: “That’s Charles Barkley Baby”

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Blueface continues to distance himself from Chrisean Rock’s son. During a recent heated exchange on Instagram live that reportedly turned physical, Chrisean Rock claimed her baby daddy invited her over to his house because he wanted to spend some time with his son, Chrisean Jr. 

However, when she pulled up, the rapper allegedly hit her several times in the face and stomach while she was carrying their son. 

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“Tell me why I pull on a n**** Blue and because he wanna act like he wanna see his son. This n**** is socking me in my stomach, in my face, telling me ‘get out the car Pig’”.  I ain’t get out the car yet and I’m sitting here like, ‘what you on cuh?’ He must be drunk so he feeling himself. But the n**** really sucking me. I’m trying to get out the car with his son and he’s punching me while I got his son in my hand,” Rock claimed.

Blueface responded by refuting both the invitation claim and the paternity of Chrisean Jr., he humorously suggested the child could belong to several people, including retired NBA player and TNT sports analyst Charles Barkley. 

“That baby looks nothing like me. That’s Charles Barkley baby, that’s Offset’s baby, that’s K Suave’s baby… Don’t nobody know who baby that is. Scientifically proven that’s not my child,” Blue said. 

He didn’t stop there. Taking to Twitter, he further denied any connection to Chrisean Jr., stating, “That baby looks nothing like me [I don’t know] why she keep forcing this on me that’s not my child scientifically proven already… Stop showing up to my house knocking on the door every other day crying talm bout let me in this yo baby.”

Blue’s comments about the child’s paternity comes weeks after he allegedly took a secret DNA test that allegedly confirmed he’s not Chrisean Rock’s baby father.

“Tell me why I snook an swab this baby  dna test results came in….iam not the father smh [face palm emoji], he wrote on Twitter. “It’s a bitter sweat feeling cus I was coming around to it but definitely in my best interest [praying hands emoji] thank you Jesus.” 

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He further expressed relief at the negative results, insisting, “I can’t even pretend like I’m not happy as hell.”

The comments also come weeks after he accused Rock of sleeping with Offset, which she swiftly denied by suggesting Blueface is gay. 

Meanwhile, Blueface says he’s putting a restraining order on Chrisean and her son, after she allegedly showed up to his house unannounced.

“B**** drove to my house talm bout she not leaving till her ride get here this the typa b**** yall believe [for real] that don’t even make sense.”

Amid the ongoing drama, Rock teased a Blueface diss on the remix of Sexyy Red‘s “F My Baby Dad,” previewing lyrics about her new man K Suave and her baby daddy babysitting while she enjoys her new relationship.

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