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Boosie Badazz Disses Kodak Black, His Baby Mama and Daughter In “Ungrateful”

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Boosie, Kodak Black and Toriana Hatch. Getty Images/ Instagram 

Boosie Badazz released his new introspective album “Goin Thru Some Thangs” this week and one track that has quickly generated public attention is the album’s opener “Ungrateful.” In this unapologetic and hard-hitting track, Boosie takes aim at all the “ungrateful motherf***ers in his life, starting with Kodak Black, who he previously had a spat with on Social media. 

Boosie spoke on the Florida rapper’s street cred and alleged Kodak got his name from him, “I’ve been going through some sh*t, man, this shit done got deep/ Gotta realize everybody ain’t G/ How the f**k you do that when you represent the streets?/ Streets made you and the streets made me/ If you ask B.G., you was on PC/ The name that you got, I think you got that from me,” he rapped.

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Boosie goes on to claim that Kodak’s street credibility has taken a hit and implies that he received incriminating information about Kodak from another individual.

“Your fans all mad acting like they can’t see/ Your street cred gone, ni**a, don’t blame me/ Sh*t, your homeboy right, you ain’t living like that/ Everything that you rap, you ain’t never did that/ ‘Cause the other ni**a talking, he a certified rat/ Your codefendant been give me your paperwork, ni**a.”

Boosie Badazz closed off his shots with the lines “I gave you a video and verse, ni**a, for the free/ When you was tryna pay a n-gga, bitch, I’m a G/ Thought Turk felt the same way (God damn), ’cause we all from the same place (Louisiana).”

The origin of their beef? comes weeks after Kodak Black accepted $1 million to work with renowned snitch Tekashi 6ix9ine on his song “Shaka Laka.” The “Wipe Me Down” artist expressed his disappointment prior to the song coming out given his collaborative history with Yak.

“That ni**a Yak f**ked me up,” Boosie said. “I wonder how all them Zoes feel, dawg? I know them Zoes f**ked up right now. I know the state of Florida f**ked up right now. This ni**a ain’t got no morals, don’t got no principles. Damn. Thought that little ni**a wasn’t like that, bro. Ni**a ain’t no street ni**a, at all. Damn. F**ked me up.” Kodak fired back and called Boosie a clown. 

Check out “Shaka Laka” below.

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Furthermore, “Ungrateful” also delves into Boosie’s personal struggles with his “baby mama” and daughter. Boosie reveals that he’s faced issues with child support and alleged lies in court from his child’s mother. He also speaks about his estranged relationship with his daughter, Tori, detailing how he feels betrayed by her actions. 

The 40-year old’s grimes with his baby mama and daughter recently surfaced after his daughter, Toriana Hatch took to social media to accuse Boosie of being a terrible father after he seized the pink Mercedes-Benz he gifted her for her 16th birthday.

“Who gives there daughter a car… Take it back… ON TOP OF THAT GIVE HER A COLOR SHE DON’T EVEN LIKE BECAUSE YOU NOT “FATHER” ENOUGH TO REMEMBER THE LIL SH*T BOUT YO OWN DAUGHTER,” Tori wrote on Instagram this past  July. “N***a took the car back just cause left from atl to help my mom who damn near lost her life in a car wreck … BUT THATS YALL FAVORITE RAPPER THO! I CAN REALLY RUN IT HOW HE A B*TCH, N***A. DONT WANT ME TO AIR IT OUT!”

Boosie responded to these accusations on his social media platforms, defending himself by claiming that Tori and her mother had conspired to put him on child support. 

“I take a car for her leaving ATL lol BIG LIE ?? She left Atl out of no where because she knew her moms had filed child support papers on me. This after I brought u 80k car. I’ve always taking care my children. She wasn’t saying this two weeks ago when she was n Atl going on shopping sprees everyday n has never said this but now,” Boosie said. 

Listen to “Ungrateful” in full below. 

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