Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Boosie Badazz Continues To Slam Kodak Black For Working With 6ix9ine

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Last week, Boosie Badazz slammed Kodak Black for accepting $1 million to collaborate with renounced snitch Tekashi 6ix9ine on a new song. In an Instagram rant, Boosie expressed deep disappointment and frustration with Kodak.

“That n***a Yak fucked me up,” Boosie stated, showing his discontent. “I wonder how all them Zoes feel, dawg? I know them Zoes [a term referring to Haitian gang members] fucked up right now.”

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“I know the state of Florida fucked up right now. This n***a ain’t got no morals, don’t got no principles. Damn. Thought that little n-gga wasn’t like that, bro. N***a ain’t no street n***a, at all. Damn. Fucked me up.

The disappointment continued as Boosie, who attempted to sign Kodak in 2018, emphasized the personal hurt caused by Yak’s actions.

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“N*gga hurt me with that one, fucked me up. Don’t care how much money you give.”

Kodak Black responded to Boosie’s derogatory comments on his Instagram story, dismissing him as a “clown emoji.”

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After Yak basically called him a clown, Boosie fired back at the ‘Project Baby’ with even more disparaging comments. The rapper shared a video of Kodak exposing his bare backside in a club and captioned it with scathing words. “SOLD U SOUL FA A MILLION ‼️I KNOW U A TAKE A DICK for 20 MILLION SMH U BEEN WEIRD‼️U AINT NEVER BEEN NO STREET NIGGA U A CAPPER RAPPER LOL NICKELODEON ASS NIGGA LOL NIGGA SHOULDA  STUCK THEY  FINGER N YO ASSHOLE #KODAKTHESTALLION”

In a previous interview, Kodak claimed that Boosie had tried to sign him for a meager amount in 2018. He shared that before he sat down with Atlantic Records, Boosie contacted him and offered to sign him for ten thousand dollars.  “I rock with Lil Boosie tough, I used to look up to him. He called me, he like I’m listening to your music. My Project Baby mixtape … He wanna come sit down with me, and give me like ten bands or something. I already had that money off street money … he wanted to sign for ten thousand.”

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Kodak Black previously called out Boosie Badazz for stealing his idea to throw an adult prom.

“Ayo, Boosie. You know you my dirty, ya heard? That ain’t gangsta, homie, if you don’t throw that prom shit with me, homie,” he said in May 2022. “Since you’ve been talking about it, I’ve been letting yo ass now in private, and you ain’t saying nothing ’bout it.

“So this is why I’m doing it on some commercial shit, like all on the gram, on TV right now. This is why I’m putting this thing on TV right now, ’cause you ain’t saying nothing. I’m letting you know now, bruh, that ain’t gangsta … I ain’t saying you ain’t gangsta; I’m saying that ain’t gangsta, fam.”

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