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Is Meek Mill Gay? Rapper Reacts To Wild Allegations About His Sexuality 

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Philly rapper Meek Mill was caught up in a social media storm this week after a lawsuit against Diddy mentioned him indirectly.

The lawsuit was filed by producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, who alleged that Diddy sexually harassed and assaulted him. Jones also claimed that the Bad Boy mogul admitted to having sex with a rapper and an R&B singer.

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The names of the artists were censored, but the footnotes hinted that they were “a Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj” and “a man who performed at the Super Bowl and had a successful Vegas residency.”

Many people speculated that Meek Mill and Usher were the ones involved with Diddy, but Meek denied the rumors on his X account on Wednesday (Feb. 28).

“I’m from Philly, I don’t do coke or freaky ass molly … nobody would ever offer me coke because I’m that heavy … No man or woman would ever try me with some gay shit and not get flipped … I woke up seeing this on every blog like they know I’m dropping soon! lol,” he wrote.

He added in another tweet: “That’s why I always roll with my real friends in this industry. You never see me alone with any of these industry n***as … you can’t even talk to me without my dogs in the room … it’s been like that … I can’t wait.”

Meek then shared a snippet from his new EP, Heathenism, with the caption: “I’m From people die for playing with a man’s name.”

“The 2 things they say … we snitching or we gay ….we generating 100’s of millions from music it’s not a coincidence we all gay and snitches …. They are powering this stuff even if it’s fake! The goal is to disrupt the hip hop community…. I own this music that drop tomar play it!!!!!”

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He also threatened to go crazy if a celebrity ever tried to make a move on him.

“I would trash any celebrity if they tried wild move on me…. No picks literally go crazy on them that is all! I’m from Philly n*gga! All my n.#%gas always watch me around this wild aus industry!”

Meek further criticized Black owned media for spreading lies about him. 

“Every black blog site enhanced that post to make me seem gay…. I change laws for our people I donate millions… they are designed to destroy the image of black leaders! It can’t work with me tho you gotta really kill me and I still will get bigger after death! This god not me.

Next I’m expose who’s behind trying to kill the black image of the most influential artist!”

Meek ended his rant by posting a link to the lawsuit with a challenge to his 11 million fans to find the page where his name was referenced.

“let’s go on [trial] live playing with my name find the page where my name mentioned and what date so l can get my credit card and show you the date where I was I don’t even know that p*ssy but let’s go to [trial] on here.”

Diddy has also vehemently denied the allegations. “We have overwhelming, indisputable proof that his claims are complete lies,” his lawyer, Shawn Holley, stated. 

See Meek Mill’s rant below. 

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