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Meek Mill Reveals How Much He Charges For Features

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Meek Mill has ignited a debate by revealing his hefty price tag for guest verses. In a tweet shared on Tuesday (Jan. 23), the Philly rapper revealed that he charges $250K for a verse, a rate seemingly consistent with many rappers. However, he indicated flexibility, stating that he is open to accepting $150K if he likes the song.

“Every time I do a verse I charge 250k and up if you got 150k on sight and I like the song we can swap it outtt!!!!,” he tweeted. 

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The internet responded with a mix of skepticism and amusement. Many questioned the rationale behind the high price, with comments like “250k for a Meek feature? Lol that’s crazy,” and “Imagine paying so much for a song that won’t chart.”

HHNM founder Navjosh raised concerns about the feasibility of rappers recouping their investment.

“Appreciate the fact that you value your art like that,” he tweeted, “but don’t you think it’s unfair to charge THIS much over the price it should be. How does one recoup this unless it blows up huge.”

Meek’s market value as a featured artist raises an interesting question. While he remains a popular figure in the rap game, his commercial impact hasn’t quite matched his price tag since Drake’s “Back 2 Back” diss track in 2015. His fourth solo album, 2018’s “Championships,” was his last no. 1 on the Billboard 200, and his subsequent releases have seen diminishing chart success.

Prior to disclosing his booking rate, Meek reflected on his 2007 arrest in a tweet commemorating the 17th anniversary of the incident. Sharing his mugshot from the arrest, which he later used on his “Dreamchasers 4” mixtape cover, the MMG rapper maintained his innocence and the accused the cops of lying.

“January 23rd I caught this case I got charged for [pointing] a gun at a cop and selling crack. I was just walking to the store with a gun to protect my one life in a dangerous hood,” he tweeted. “Them cops lied on me and karma is repaying me! Be a good person you gone prosper! I did not sell or have crack on me! I only sold crack a few weeks when I was flat broke.”

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He continued: “I was selling weed to the people who sold crack that had the big stacks of cash! The same weed trapping they doing nowadays! But paying 6k a pound for haze at 17 crazy lol.

“I never sold heroin in my life that shit killed one of my favorite aunts! Like a a few weeks b4 Christmas if I’m not mistaken… it’s a million ways to get this cash I would never sell that knowing the effect of that! Shit killed my cousin ‘mom’ my we cried for months!”

See his tweets below.

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