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Jay-Z’s Bodyguard Claims The Rapper Keeps Beyoncé Drugged And Will Do Anything For Success 

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A man who claims he used to be one of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s bodyguards have come out to lay some damming allegations against the couple. In a video shared on YouTube, the alleged former bodyguard, who goes by the name Uncle Tron says Jay and Bey are hateful and accused the Drunk In Love couple of ending Keri Hilson’s career. 

“Beyonce and Jay-Z will do anything to destroy anyone who speaks out against them. Okay, I get the threats. But you have to remember one thing, I know your deepest secrets, I know so much about you and what you’ve done. I know so much on how you got what you are, how you stepped onto many people,” he says. 

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“Beyonce, how you guys ended Keri Hilson’s career, because She said something about you. That’s how I hateful you guys are. How you step on anybody to stay on top.”

“To remember your relationship was a business relationship. Financial, to get to the top, to become billionaires. There’s no love there,” he claimed.

He also accused The Carters of sending him threats to try and prevent him from speaking out against them. 

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“See, what’s done in the dark will definitely come in the light, keep your threats up, I’m here today and what I got to say I’m gonna say it. So don’t make idle threats to me. Cause I ain’t biggie, I ain’t Beanie Seagals, I ain’t Freeway. How you wrote all of them off the minute they did for you to get you to the top. All them writing for you and then the minute you get a little taste of success you wrote them off. You just totally said, ‘I don’t know ‘em.’ 

He then dared Jay to deny having a relationship with him, “Say you don’t know me, I dare you. I dare you,” he reiterated. “Remember all the receipts, all the proof, the old school footage, I still have it.”

Perhaps the most jarring of the allegations is the claims that Beyoncé is hooked on drugs and that Jay-Z is responsible for her being that way. 

“See, hardly nobody knows but I’ll say it man. Yeah, Beyonce is on drugs. She been on them for a long time, and you keep her that way. Y’all worship what y’all worship to stay on top. But there’s one thing about me bro, I can’t be bought.”

He ended his video with a threat to Hov.

“Just how I know how you got started, I can put my foot down and make it all go away.  Promise you.  You’re playing with the wrong one,” he threatened.

Keri Hilson’s fallout with Beyoncé allegedly started after the former Destiny Child’s singer took credit for creating Usher’s “Love In This Club,” which Keri Hilson wrote and was originally marked as a guest feature before getting replaced by Beyoncé. 

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ATLANTA, GEORGIA – NOVEMBER 03: Keri Hilson attends a red carpet screening of “For The Love of Money” at Regal Atlantic Station on November 03, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Bey ended up performing Keri Hilson’s written verse and she wasn’t happy about it. In retaliation, her producer, Polo Da Don talked her into releasing a Beyoncé diss song titled “Turning Me Off” where she allegedly shaded Beyoncé and Ciara. She later clarified it wasn’t about either of them after receiving scores of negative comments from Beyoncé and Ciara fans. 

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Her career took a hit after that, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Do you believe Uncle Tron?

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