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Kanye West Doubles Down On Hate Comments “Black People Can’t Be Antisemitic”

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Kanye West remains steadfast in his stance on past antisemitic comments, asserting that Black people cannot be antisemitic because they are Jews. 

While he expressed remorse to “all the Jewish kids that love him” for subjecting them to what he described as a “grown-up conversation” when he threatened to go “Def con 3 on Jewish people,” Kanye adamantly refuses to retract his statements.

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Speaking to TMZ outside LAX, Kanye defended his actions, stating that he felt compelled to speak out.

“We got to a point where something needed to happen, something need to be said, somebody need to say something. If you’re in an argument with somebody you’re not going to say everything the right way… how many more times are y’all going to call me ‘crazy,’ how many more times are y’all going to give me fake medication that makes me fat off a misdiagnosis when I really have slight signs of autism from the car accident.”

“You say ‘whatever, just give him that bipolar medication.’ Y’all trying to kill the superheroes but we here, we’re alive.”

Kanye West Nearly Made $20 Million By Selling Products On Yeezy Website 

In the same conversation with TMZ, Kanye West spoke about recently selling $19 million worth of Yeezy merchandise in one day, after lowering the price of all merch on his Yeezy store to just $20. 

Ye explained that it’s been his mission from the beginning to offer Yeezy-branded products at affordable prices, but companies like adidas and Gap, with whom he had partnerships with prevented it from happening. 

“I went to different companies and they would never let me bring it like that. It was always ways they were blocking us from hitting the prices so i had to leave from those companies.

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“I was two months from going bankrupt and I put everything I had into it. We moved to Italy, we moved the factories and we survived. We survived through the cancellation.”

Kanye noted that the only reason he hasn’t been successfully canceled yet is because of his diverse talents and dedicated fan base.

“If I didn’t have the various skillsets of music, and clothing and a fan base, they would have been able to destroy me. But because we had all those skillsets somehow I’m here inside of this universe able to fight.”

Regarding his latest album release with Ty Dolla $ign, titled “Vultures,” Kanye expressed indifference toward streaming platforms after Vultures was reportedly removed and then reinstated on iTunes. Kanye dismissed them as detrimental to artists and criticized Spotify’s distribution model, alleging that it unfairly redistributes half a billion among artists regardless of their popularity.

Watch the full interview below.

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