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Lil Baby Kids: How Many Children Does Lil Baby Have And What Are Their Names?

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Lil Baby as of June 2022 has two sons by two different baby mamas. His eldest son, Jason was born in 2015 from his relationship with his then-girlfriend, Ayesha. In February 2019, he welcomed his second son, Loyal, with his now ex-girlfriend Jayda Cheaves. Lil Baby, born Dominique Armani Jones keeps his family life very private and doesn’t divulge much information about it.

In an interview with The NY Times, Lil Baby, 29, said his kids and his attitude are areas in his life that he would like to improve on.

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Lil Baby wearing matching pajamas with Jason and Loyal. Instagram/LilBaby

“My kids. And my attitude. So many people try to get me that I got into this defensive shell. If there’s a disagreement, I’m getting defensive. That’s the biggest thing I’m working on right now. I have so much going, I just get angry. Stressful. It seems like I got money to please everybody else.”

Lil Baby Kids, Age, And Baby Mamas

NameYear Of BirthAgeMother
Loyal20194Jayda Cheaves


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Lil baby’s son Jason

Jason is Lil Baby’s first son from his relationship with Ayesha Howard. The famous rapper, whose real name is Dominique Armani Jones spends a lot of time with Jason and his Younger brother. As someone who grew up with little, Lil Baby makes sure he provides his kids with everything. For Jason’s 7th birthday, Lil Baby bought him an entire showcase full of jewelry at Icebox.

Loyal Armani

Photo: Instagram/LoyalArmani

Jayda Cheaves is the mother of Lil Baby’s second son, Loyal Armani. Lil Baby is very much involved in Loyal’s life and does a lot of daddy duties. In an interview with GQ, Lil Baby said his kids are the third most important thing in his life after God and money. The rapper has a chain with the faces of Jason and Loyal embedded on it.

Baby explained his kids are third because he won’t be anywhere without God, and admitted that money is second because you need money to take care of your family.

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YouTube screenshot

Lil Baby Baby Mamas: Ayesha and Jayda Cheaves

Ayesha is the mother of Lil Baby’s oldest son, Jason. Not much is known about Ayesha as Lil Baby keeps his personal life private. However, in an interview, Lil Baby mentioned that he has a good co-parenting relationship with Ayesha and that he prioritizes his family.

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Jayda Wayda and Loyal Armani

Jayda Cheaves is the mother of Lil Baby’s son, Loyal. She is also known for her social media presence and business ventures, including a clothing line and a YouTube channel. Jayda and Lil Baby have been in an on-and-off relationship for several years, and they are known for their public displays of affection on social media. Despite their relationship’s ups and downs, Lil Baby has said that he and Jayda are still close and have a strong bond.

It’s worth noting that Lil Baby has been open about the importance of family in his life and the challenges of balancing his career with his responsibilities as a father. He has mentioned in interviews that he strives to be a present and involved father to his children and maintain good relationships with their mothers.


When Was Jason Born?

Jason was born in 2015. He is 8 years old.

When Was Loyal Born?

Loyal was born in 2019. He is 4 years old.

Does Lil Baby Have A Daughter?

No, rapper Lil Baby does not have a daughter. He has two sons, Jason and Loyal, from his past relationships with Ayesha Howard and Jayda Cheaves.

There was a woman who claimed that Lil Baby was the father of her child, but she did not provide any evidence to support her claim. Lil Baby has never acknowledged the child as his own, and there is no public record of a paternity test being conducted.

So, as far as we know, Lil Baby does not have a daughter.

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