Lil Baby Says He Lost Millions In Crypto

Like millions worldwide, Lil Baby is feeling the effects of the crypto crash. While speaking with Sway Calloway on Sway’s Universe, the Atlanta native admitted that he’s lost millions (and made millions) in crypto.

“I feel like I’ma win with investing and stuff. I’m a gambler already. That’s what I do on a way smarter level is gamble,” Baby said around the 12:20 mark. “To me, making investments is like a safer gamble. I actually lost millions investing in crypto. I made money in crypto before I lost it. It’s like an up and down thing.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Baby revealed he’s been in contact with Young Thug’s family amid his incarceration.

“They actually go to court today, so by the time we get out, get out of the interview, maybe we’ll know some good news,” he told Sway at the 10:20 point of the interview. “For the most part, it’s like the same old thing. They’re just tryna get [inaudible]. But I definitely talk to them. I know how it feel to be in that situation, so I like reach out to their parents and stuff, make sure they good.”


Watch the interview below.

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