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Young Thug: Unfoonk Responds To Allegations That He Snitched On His Brother

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Young Thug’s elder brother Unfoonk has responded to allegations that he snitched after he took a plea deal that required him to cut all current contact with Young Thug.

According to WSBTV, Unfoonk, whose legal name is Quantavious Grier pleaded guilty to one count of violating Georgia’s RICO Act and one count of theft by receiving stolen property.

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As part of his deal, the rapper received a 12-year sentence with two years commuted to time served and will serve his remaining 10 years on probation. Like Gunna and admitted YSL co-founder Walter Murphy, Unfoonk also had strict conditions attached to his release, part of which includes not having any contact with his baby brother Young Thug or any of the defendants until the Fulton County case ends. He is also required to perform 750 hours of community service, while sticking to a 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew.

Additionally, Unfoonk must not have a gun and is obligated to testify “truthfully” if called by any party in the case. Though the rapper could plead the fifth if called to testify, internet lawyers wasted no time in labeling him a snitch for allegedly telling on his brother, who has been confirmed to be the main target in the RICO case.

On Tuesday (Dec. 20), Unfoonk took to his Instagram story to address the allegations writing, “Damn people really think I told on my own brother SMH.”

He continued, “Show me in my paper work I told on anybody lol, I’m not fenna entertain any of it, peace and blessings.”

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Unfoonk is the fifth defendant to plead guilty in in the Racketeering indictment of 28 members of the YSL hybrid gang in Atlanta. Gunna (Sergio Kitchens), Slimelife Shawty (Wunnie Lee), Lil Duke (Martinez Arnold), and Walter Murphy all took Alford Pleas and have been released from jail with similar conditions.

It’s been suggested that Young Thug encouraged the plea deals, and is aware of the actions of his YSL members, but reporter George Chidi, who is covering the trial believes the Slime Life founder is the main target in the investigation and will not be offered a plea deal. He also alludes that the DA is willing to let everyone else go just as long as it increases their chances of locking up Young Thug forever.

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“People who are suggesting some kind of agreement where Thug instructed other YSL gang members to plead out so he can take the charges are missing the point. Thug doesn’t have leverage. Also, if Thug and Brian Steel [Young Thug’s attorney] go down, they will go down fighting,” George Chidi said in a series of tweets.

“If the gang targeted someone for shooting, who pulled the trigger is less important to Willis’ office than who turned on the green light. I’m rather surprised at the deals that have been made, but in that context it makes sense. The DA’s office says Thug was the shot caller. My read here is that the DA will deal out (almost) everyone else is if it means improving their chances of convicting Young Thug.”

“The operating philosophy as described to me by an ADA is to ask “absent this person, would this crime still happen?” If the answer is yes, cut a deal. For everyone talking about how Young Thug is “standing strong” by not taking a plea agreement: the district attorney’s office isn’t offering Jeffery Williams any deal that doesn’t leave him in prison forever. He’s the target of this case. Everyone else is optional.”

The YSL RICO trial begins on January 9.

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