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Chrisean Rock Accuses ‘Old & Washed’ Tamar Braxton Of Trying To Use Her For Clout

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Chrisean Rock has responded to accusations that she assaulted Tamar Braxton’s backup singer, James Wright, during Braxton’s R&B Love & War concert last weekend. In a live video, Braxton claimed that the altercation stemmed from a misunderstanding between Rock and her team.

Chrisean apparently believed she was invited to the venue to perform, however Braxton claimed she never told Chrisean she was going to perform and that the reality star was only supposed to come on stage and twerk when the DJ played her hit single “It’s A Vibe.”

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“I didn’t call Chrisean to open up for me but when she was in my dressing room we did a twerk-off portion and I said it would be cool if the DJ played ‘It’s A Vibe,’ and you came out and did a Vibe,” Braxton said.

Rock, who deactivated her social media accounts amid the allegations, has come out to defend herself and deny Braxton’s claims. During an Instagram live stream with DJ Kai, Rock denied being involved in the incident and accused Braxton and her team of being “evil.”

“They’re so old and washed up they don’t know what to do and this is their last resort,” Rock said. “I left my son at home to get embarrassed. Why would I leave my son at home to get embarrassed? And then they lie about the embarrassment and say I hit somebody,” referring to claims that she punched James Wright multiple times in the face. 

She questioned why they don’t have a police report to back up their claims and accused them of lying. 

“Y’all tryna play with my character, play with my career… suck my d-ck n-gga! Go ahead and try to press charges that you can’t press, go ahead and try to file a lawsuit that you can’t even file a lawsuit on. You know why? Cause I’m that b-tch and I’m covered bro, covered by God and that’s real sh-t. So anybody that have something to say about it, suck my sh-t.” 

Chrisean Rock also addressed James Wright’s IG livestream, where he claimed he was getting his teeth fixed as a result of the alleged assault.  

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“The b-tch ass n-gga ain’t have nothing on his face,” she added. “Why he lying? Why he didn’t show his face? No, a n-gga didn’t touch you.” 

Check out her comments below.

Braxton’s tour manager, Rob Hatcher also went live on Instagram on Tuesday after Chrisean’s comments. He claimed to have witnessed the alleged assault and said he was standing right next to James Wright when Rock struck him with multiple blows. Hatcher claims that Wright and Rock disagreed over whether she was waiting by the stage when it was her time to perform, leaving Rock enraged.

“Chrisean said – say I wasn’t there on the side of the stage one more time,’” he recalled. Before Wright could get his response out, Chrisean Rock began hitting him.  

“Literally happened just like that,” he added. “And here I am like ‘this girl just hit this boy a couple of times with those big ass rings on her finger.’”

Hatcher also claimed a police report was filed. “I went and called 911… it took the police over 2hrs to get to the Novo. I wasn’t leaving till the police came. The police did come and a police report was reported.” 

Braxton has since admitted that the incident was a misunderstanding and apologized to her team. “This is a safe loving healing place and I have to apologize to my team if my silence have made you all feel like I have not been supportive to you and I also want to acknowledge Chrisean thank you for coming, thank you for your presence… I didn’t want to set you up, I didn’t tell nobody not to play your music.”

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