Megan Thee Stallion Reveals How Much She Paid Future To Appear On ‘Pressurelicious’

Megan Thee Stallion released her sophomore album “Traumazine” on Friday (August 12). Loaded with 18-tracks, the long-awaited LP featured the likes of Dua Lipa, Latto, Jhené Aiko, Pooh Shiesty, Rico Nasty, Key Glock and more. The LP also featured Future on track no. 15 “Pressurelicious.” During a recent interview with The LA Leakers, the ‘Body’ rapper explained how the collaboration happened.

Megan stated that they were both in Miami and that she couldn’t let the ATL rapper leave the city without recording a verse for her album.

“It’s a really crazy story,” she began. “I had the beat for Pressurelicious… and I recorded the song and I recorded it one way. And I’m like ‘you know what, this would really sound hard if Future was on this shit.”

“So how I went about it was, okay, somebody figure out what Future feature price,” she continued. “I was just asking what’s his feature price…and they was like okay 250. He wants 250K.”


“I was like, ‘Okay, bet.’ Somebody go pull 250,000 out of the bank…and go drop it off to Future and tell him I need the verse before he leaves [Miami].”

Megan says Future sent her a number of versions of the song, which she had to piece together. The 27-year-old also added that she had to rewrite new verses so everything would sound cohesive.

“When I got his verse, I was like ‘I gotta write some new verses’ cause I gotta make this make sense,” she said. “So then I got in the studio with my engineer and then I put the song together and I was like ‘this makes sense.’”

“Traumazine” is Megan Thee Stallion’s second studio album, and first album in 21 months. Earlier this week, she explained the message behind the album in a social media post.

“It took a lot of self-reflecting to get to the point in my life where I am right now… I ain’t saying I finally figured everything out or that I’m finally at peace, bc I’m not… buttt im excited for the hotties to get a better understanding of what’s happening in my head #TRAUMAZINE,” she wrote.

During her appearance on ”Good Morning America” on Friday (Aug. 12) as part of the Summer Concert Series. Megan said she was “nervous” to make this album because she talks about her “real feelings” on it.

“So usually I could be sad and I can write a song like ‘Body,’ or I could be mad and I can write a song like ‘Big Ole Freak,’ but on this album I wrote my feelings accordingly,” she told the crowd. “Like, I was sad and I wrote a sad song, I was angry and I wrote a more aggressive song. I feel like I was really confronting my real feelings.”

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