Nas and DJ Premier Drop “Define My Name” and Announce Full Album 

Hip-hop legends Nas and DJ Premier have teamed up  for a new single titled “Define My Name.” Released in celebration of the 30th anniversary of illmatic, the song pays homage to the groundbreaking album while showcasing Nas’ lyrical prowess and DJ Premier’s signature production style. 

In the single, Nas reflects on his journey from the gritty streets of Queensbridge to international stardom. His introspective verses explore themes of identity, struggle, and triumph, all backed by DJ Premier’s nostalgic soundscape featuring scratch samples and head-nodding drums.

Released in 1994, Illmatic is widely regarded as one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. Nas, then just 20 years old, delivered a raw and poetic masterpiece that captured the essence of life in New York City’s Queensbridge housing projects. The album’s vivid storytelling, intricate lyricism, and soulful beats left an indelible mark on the rap landscape.

Nas recently took to Instagram to share his gratitude for the producers who contributed to Illmatic, reminiscing about the album’s creation process and its lasting impact on music history.


“I had a dream I could get my favorite producers to produce on my debut album. I knew exactly what I wanted and how it should be. But I didn’t know anyone except for Paul, so I asked him would he connect me to them all. The cool soul brother that he is helped me line it up. On April 19th we smashed shit,” he wrote.

“Even tho the album leaked months before the release date we still are apart of music history,” Nas continued. ” Thank you Large Professor (Paul) and Dj Premier who drove into the projects to pick me up a time or two. Qtip , Pete Rock , and my man from The Bridge DJ LES, and my guy AZ who was just coming up himself.”

“And thank you to everyone involved,” he concluded, “Friday is the albums 30th. 2 The Listeners- ONE LOVE.”

In addition to “Define My Name,” Nas and DJ Premier have exciting plans for a full collaborative album slated for release later this year.

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