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Blueface Extends Olive Branch to Chrisean Rock for the Sake of Their Child

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Blueface appears to be extending an olive branch to Chrisean Rock amidst their ongoing back-and-forth. The “Thotiana” rapper pledged support for the mother of their newborn through a social media post on Friday (September 22).

After Blueface’s earlier comments on September 21, saying he was “just as surprised as y’all” were prematurely linked to Rock’s parenting challenges, he took to X (formerly Twitter) the next day to clarify. He insisted that his previous tweet had nothing to do with the Walmart video, but rather focused on the kind words and apology Chrisean shared about him during a livestream. 

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“My last tweet had none to do with the Walmart video my last tweet was about the apology an nice things she said about me on live,” he said. 

Addressing the concerns about the Walmart incident, Blueface explained that he’s giving Chrisean space to handle things herself, “I can’t micromanage her [and] the baby y’all said I was doing [too] much so I backed off she gone be ok.”

The controversial rapper further expressed his support for his ‘Crazy In Love’ co-star, acknowledging that parenthood, especially in challenging circumstances, is a demanding journey.

“I know she going [through] some [and] it’s not easy no hood harder [than] parent hood so I’m not gone be mean to her no more [because] her mental state determines how my son day goes,” Blueface wrote. “let’s just encourage her to be more accountable [and] responsible this time around come on rock we got this I’m here.”

Chrisean Rock, on Thursday faced criticism after a video circulated of her at Walmart, holding her and Blueface’s newborn in an improper manner, causing concern for the child’s safety due to the awkward positioning of the baby’s back and neck.

In response, Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Safford, also voiced her apprehension through social media. She criticized the handling of the baby and expressed frustration with the situation.

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“Got my goddamn baby in the grocery store with the goddamn s**t folded over, and he doing the backbend like he in goddamn gymnastics already,” Saffold snapped.

“I don’t like none of them muthaf**kas,” she added. “Cali’s first baby daddy, her husband, none of the raggedy muthaf**kas. They couldn’t even lift up more weights than me. I don’t know why my kids out here running around with goddamn weirdos…People who write on themselves is at the Walmart,” she continued. “What was wrong with the Stater Bros. or Target? The muthaf**kas who write on themselves wasn’t gon’ be in there and pull out the camera and make you look stupid.”

Chrisean, feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of motherhood, openly admitted that she’s struggling. 

“When you’re a mother you get overwhelmed and so much be going on for real in your head,” Rock began. “So I’m at Walmart and s**t. Two carts full, they’re getting the carts together and s**t. I’m trying to take the baby out of the thing. The girl that’s recording, you could have at least said, ‘Do you need help?’ You recording me because I’m famous, it’s annoying. But you’re recording me instead of helping me. That’s one thing. Two, I’m a beginner. There’s a lot going on. I have my dog. It’s just a lot going on.”

She also voiced her disappointment that Blueface wasn’t providing more help or involvement in crucial decisions. 

“I have a baby,” she said. “Why he not asking me, ‘What’s up what we gotta do with this house?’ He not asking me none of that. He’s really trying to stay out of it like I got a n***a doing it for me. And I respect him, so I don’t have a n***a doing s**t for me right now. But what do I look like? Struggling in Walmart like that? You feel me?…All of that is on me. All of that is on me. I probably could have took my time more. But bruh I swear to God all day I’m running errands.”

Watch Chrisean Rock’s response to the viral walmart video below. 

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