“This Shit Is Garbage” – Twitter Roasts The Game For “Weak” Eminem Diss Track

Here’s How Twitter Reacted To The Game’s ‘The Black Slim Shady’ Song.

Rap’s biggest attention seeker is back with more attention-seeking antics.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, The Game has been coming at Eminem for nearly a year now (Since he was left out of Dr. Dre’s epic Super Bowl halftime show) with mostly taunts about being better than him. He alluded to Em’s success being due to his whiteness and later challenged him to a Verzuz.

Hours before the release of his 30-track album Drillmatic: Heart Vs. The Mind, the 42-year-old West Coast rapper upped his Eminem disrespect with the release of “The Black Slim Shady,” a song that seemingly dualizes his love and hate relationship with the Shady rapper. Throughout the 10-minute long track, The Game trolls everything Eminem-related, from his rap cadence to his relationship with Dr. Dre and his daughter.

Game says Eminem is jealous of his Black skin, and that Big Sean is the biggest rapper in Detroit.


“One thing you can never have is my muthafuckin’ Black, skin/ This ain’t no suit that I wore, this ain’t a mansion to hang a plaque, this ain’t no stupid award.”

“He got all the Blackest friends/He wants to be African” he adds.

Dr. Dre wasn’t spared from the tirade either. Game raps about killing the Compton legend in his “basement last night,” and says “Dre never executive produced,” the Doctor’s Advocate. “I just imagined it” he raps.

As the song comes to an end, The Game claims Eminem “ain’t the shell of who you used to be” and encouraged him to link up with Dr. Dre. “Don’t be lazy/Call up Dre and get that Dre beat.”

The game obviously had a lot to say due to the track’s length, however, rap fans on Twitter weren’t listening. The few who listened have flooded the problematic platform with their biased thoughts.

“Finally listened to The Game’s diss track on Eminem, I can’t even finish it Straight trash,” one user wrote.

Another added; “That shit is garbage! Game really created a fake beef with Eminem to gain attraction for his album.”

Continue reading for more Twitter reactions.


There are some who feel Eminem got “bodied” by The Game.

What do y’all think of The Game’s Black Slim Shady? Is this wack? Or are people shamelessly riding hard for Eminem? You can listen to the track below if you are yet to listen.

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